Thursday, 11 December 2014

Sandwich Review - Day 4

Sandwich: Waitrose Christmas Sandwich
Date Bought/Eaten/Reviewed: Thursday 11th December
Shop bought from: Waitrose, Byres Road, Glasgow
Price: £3.20

Brief: Turkey, Bacon, chesnut and thyme stuffing, port and orange chutney on sliced malted brown bread.

Before this Waitrose existed it was a Morrisons and I used to shop there quite a lot. There was a lady in there, I'd imagine she was in her mid 50s, who worked behind the checkouts. I really liked her. She was very friendly and always carried out her job with enthusiasm. When she asked about your day I really felt she cared.
I often wonder what she's up to now....

This sandwich was a solid effort. Not spectacular but decent.

I felt the structure was a bit loose and I often had to maneuver my hand whilst eating to avoid spillages.
Once again the addition of stuffing really made it feel Christmassy and invoked memories of Christmas days of yesteryear.

Whilst I do like a moist sandwich this effort felt a bit too moist, borderline wet. As a result it felt quite a 'heavy' eat and I can still feel it sitting in my stomach an hour or so after consumption.

Again Waitrose don't seem to be making any sort of charitable donations off the back of their sandwich sales but I do believe they do a lot for various local charities so fair play to them.

Given that the Sainsbury's sandwich is a whole 60p cheaper I'd avoid this effort and save the cash and go with Sainbos. 

I generally feel underwhelmed by this effort.

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