Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Sandwich Review - Day 3

Sandwich: Sainsbury's Christmas Sandwich
Date Bought/Eaten/Reviewed: Wednesday 10th December
Shop bought from: Sainsbury's Garage, Woodlands Road, Glasgow
Price: £2.60

Brief Outline of Sandwich: Turkey, chestnut & thyme stuffing, apollo lettuce, cranberry and apple chutney and maple cured bacon with mayonnaise on malted brown bread.

I like Sainsbury's. I really do. I like their Nectar points. I like their staff. I like the way they set out their stores and the range of products they supply there. Most of all though, I like their social media team. They're great.

Anyway, for some reason, having bought this sandwich today I was less excited about trying it as I had been for the previous two days. Monday I was excited about the idea of a Pigs & Blankets affair as provided by M&S (which turned out to be a disappointing experience) and yesterday I was excited as I've always Pret food in such high esteem. 

I was a fool though, as unsurprisingly Sainsbury's have not let me down and have proved that they can play with the big-boys when it comes to Christmas sandwiches. 

As I lifted the sandwich out it's container (the regular triangular framed cardboard type we're all familiar with) I noticed how packed, yet sturdy this sandwich felt. My hand was at full stretch to grasp it all whilst removing it. Despite this, the structure held firm. "Impressive Start" thought I.

I took my first bite and crunch. Sainsbury's have ignored M&S and Pret's spinach model and have gone for 'apollo' lettuce. Inspired choice. It is a cheeky first impression to this sandwich. 

Shortly after the Chesnut and Thyme stuffing joins the party in your mouth, and quite welcome guests to it they are!
The Turkey is perfectly complimented by the cranberry and apple chutney which, along with the stuffing, screams IT'S CHRISTMAS down your throat. 

The sandwich is moist but not wet and the various ingredients work well together to give a decent, if not astounding, texture. 

If I was to make one criticism it would be that the maple bacon felt a bit chewy, however I can't imagine it's easy to have bacon tasting anything else once it's been packed together with moisture and sitting in a fridge for a few days. It certainly wouldn't deter me from selecting this sandwich again in future or from recommending it to you here.

It's worth noting that this sandwich has also been the cheapest so far proving Sainsbury's are once again championing good value without compromising on costs to the consumer.

I do notice that unlike the previous two sandwich there doesn't appear to be a charitable cause linked to this sandwich. This doesn't make Sainsbury's a bad company but I do like it when the retailers think of those whom Christmas often excludes due to their economical or personal circumstances.

As a reminder if you would like to donate to a charity that is very poignant this time of the year you can do so here:


p.s. If anyone has any suggestions of which sandwich to try tomorrow please do let me know.

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