Monday, 8 December 2014

Sandwich Review - Day 1

Sandwich: Marks & Spencer's Turkey & Pigs in Blankets
Date Bought/Eaten/Reviewed: Monday 8th December
Shop bought from: Marks & Spencer Food - Crow Road Retail Park, Glasgow
Price: £3 
Brief Outline of Sandwich: Bacon & Turkey on white bread Sandwich.


I was particularly excited about trying this sandwich after Martin Deutsch recommended it to me. I was pleased to see that Marks & Spencer have a wide selection of Christmas themed sandwiches including a vegetarian option but this particular sandwich is a new addition to their range this year and is a stand-out option.

The sandwich is based on the classic 'Pigs in Blankets' which is small sausages wrapped in bacon. The sandwich consists of two slices of 'Sage & Onion' white bread, spread with (in my opinion) a conservative amount of cranberry sauce, then layered with bacon, halved sausages, mayonnaise and Turkey.

It would be safe to say this sandwich is quite 'busy', there is a lot going on and I can't help but think that perhaps too many meats have been brought to the table here and as a result nothing in this sandwich particularly shines the meats together merely exist rather than combine.

Structure wise I was impressed. Despite the business of the sandwich the bread does a good job of holding everything together and at no point did I feel the structural integrity of the sandwich was in danger.

The sandwich, despite having both Cranberry sauce and mayonnaise did feel quite dry and I suspect that was due to the Turkey which sadly did feel quite lifeless on the pallet.
The makers have also decided to add spinach leaves to this sandwich which I didn't notice at first and they felt out of place, almost as if they had been an afterthought by the makers in a half-hearted attempt to spice things up a bit.

I wouldn't deny that this sandwich was filling (it's 39% of your saturated fats for one day! and comes in at 552 calories!) but it did not feel Christmassy and on the whole was lacking in bold flavours. I do appreciate what they were trying to do here but I think this one needs more work.
 If I could suggest any amendments to this sandwich I'll forgo the Turkey complete and up the Cranberry Sauce. This might sound like a strange suggestion but this sandwich is crying out for more moisture.

 One thing worth noting - the sandwich is in conjunction with the charity Shelter, with 5% of the proceeds going to the charity.
If you'd like to donate to Shelter (a charity particularly poignant this time of the year then you can do so here:

 Many Thanks for reading.

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