Friday, 20 January 2012

My favourite person

....bear with me please....

Everyone in life should have a favourite person.

Maybe it's someone who picks you up when you're down.
Maybe it's someone who you trust implicitly.
Maybe it's someone who knows you inside-out.

Well for me that someone is Nicky Fagan.

Without exaggeration nor pretension she and James are the two nicest people I know.

When I took the difficult decision to leave Glasgow and live in London Nicky & James greeted me off the train and accompanied me back to their flat where they insisted I lived until I was settled and comfortable enough until I was ready to live elsewhere.
I won't lie they looked after me and made sure I was ok, at a time I needed it. Without question they stood up and were counted.

Moving to London and being away from Glasgow was tough but it would've been a lot tougher if I didn't have such great friends by my side.
They made a difficult chapter in my life a little more bearable....I created a life and an existance that would've been a challenge for anyone let alone someone as emotionally retarded and challanged as me. I'll never forget that.

Nicky has seen me at my best but she has also seen me at my worst. Never once has she passed judgement or made me feel anything but a valued friend.

Almost a year to the day I parted ways with the awesome Nicky and James....

They decided to make a dramatic change in their lives by going travelling and spending some proper quality time together.

It hasn't surprised me that together they have settled in Sydney and set-up a life together that anyone would be envious of.

Professionally and personally they have excelled. They are happier than anyone could ever imagaine and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more than they do.
And it fills me with pride and happiness when I look at them now.

I can't stress enough that nobody deserves it more,
You couldn't wish it upon two nicer people. They are both as awesome as each other. 'James & Nicky' for me is a symbol for what happens in life when you are lovely and welcoming and open to not just people but to life and it's endless possibilities.

Anyone who is lucky enough to have them as part of their lives will immediately tell you how important they are to them and how them being away from them leaves a massive unfillable void in their lives. But at the same time the same people will also tell you that there are no two people you'd want to wish well upon more.

Today is Nicky's birthday.
If I had an endless supply of money and ambition there is no doubt in my mind I'd be in Sydney with them right now, basking in the awesomeness that is being with them.

However sadly I lack both so I am being selfish and self-staisfying by using this time of yours by highlighting how important they are, not to just me, but to everyone who is lucky enough to know thm.

Nicky - happy birthday. I hope you realise how awesome a person you are and how important you are to so many people.
There are so many people who can't wait to see you and your funny/cute little face again but remember that all these people are also so proud of you and happy that you are living a life in Australia that you so fully deserve.

I'll leave you with a song I always listen to when I miss you....

Ninny & The Dream of Horses.

Happy Birthday.

Chris x

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