Sunday, 17 April 2011

Animal, Mineral, Vegetable

You know that game "Animal, Mineral Vegetable"?

It's a staple game for the long car journey designed to pass away the time as your Dad drives you to Dover before embarking on a 2 hour ferry journey to Calais and beyond....

Animal, Mineral, Vegetable?

Animal, Mineral Vegetable?

Do you know any twat that has ever picked to be a mineral?

"Are you an animal?"
"Are you a vegetable"
"No go on....."
"Are you a mineral?"
"Are you a rock"

What a twat.....

Coming from Scotland it's rare the people you're with will even know a fucking vegetable let alone a mineral....

"Are you a vegetable?"
"Are you someone off of The Only Way is Essex?"

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