Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pathetically Apathetic....

Yeah - I've kinda neglected this a cat in a wheely bin or puppies going swimming....actually that doesn't make sense it was merely an opportunity for me to post these links.

Anyway I've recently bought a flip video so plan to perhaps post some short comedy clips for you to ignore, I thought it only fair to give you at least a weeks notice so you can avoid this blog like the plague.

Anyway to keep you maybe slightly more amused than you have otherwise been I've got not just one but two (yes two!!!) new screen grabs from recent web-chats with random strangers. People are getting less easy to wind up on these things - turns out if you don't immediately tell them you are a horny 21 years old girl then they'll move on - reminds me of an old boss I had....

Anyway enjoy -

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