Thursday, 18 March 2010

"I read your blog"

"I read your blog"
"I read your blog"
"I read your blog"

I get this a lot, well actually that's not true I don't get it that much at all.

When I was in London and the entries were quite bleak I used to get people saying it in a way which said "are you ok, don't kill yourself......" which was strange in a way as I didn't really think people would read it and any of those that did would ignore it as angst riddin garbage it was. That said it was also nice to know that people were reading it and cared, or in the very least, had an opinion on what I wrote.

As things have changed and I got out of London things have been a bit more positive (I think) on here. Posts have ranged from my take on politics to the opening of Waitrose on Byres Road (I'm not planning on part II - "The opening of Tesco on Byres Road" but all in all have been quite frivolous.

However I've had people on a few occasions recently say to me "I read your blog" in some words or other.

Most recently was last weekend when an old mate of mine said he thought it was quite a "brave" thing (might not have been those exact words but they were similar - we were both a bit pissed) to write this blog. I never saw it as brave more a way of documenting things in my mind etc. A way of getting opinions into the wider world. This in turn leads me to the time before when someone said "I read your blog" - this time I'm pretty sure it revolved around this particular post. Two girls both said "I read your blog" in a very telling way. A way which said "this is about me isn't it" the first girl who said it I swept it aside, the second time I laughed because, in truth, it was about neither.....

I'm not going to go into specific but it does show how we are all the stars in our own show sometimes - how we want to make things "about us" and will rightly or wrongly assume understanding - relevance. I'm as guilty about it than anyone - tell me you have never read a love-one's or even ex's status update on twitter or facebook and thought "that's about me".....

I have.

Ok, so I don't know where I'm going with this. I suppose it hurts when you think someone is thinking about you and they're not, or in the reverse it's surprising when someone thinks something you've said is about them and it's not.....meh is this a point? I don't know.

Anyway....I'm currently sitting in Offshore and last time I was in here writing a blog entry I had just got back to Scotland from London and was wondering what the next step was. Two good jobs later I am now unemployed again having finished my last show a couple of weeks ago - therefore I will no doubt start writing about feeling useless and unemployed again soon. But hopefully not as I've learnt it doesn't matter anymore - things work out regardless. What will be will be.

"I read your blog Chris"

....Well I read Watership Down in primary school and it scarred me for life.....

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