Sunday, 10 January 2010

Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.

This girl I knew a couple of years ago once said to me:

"Chris, there are thousands of ways for someone to be happy and very few ways for them to be unhappy"

At the time I dismissed it as some hippy-like talk she was prone to and it's only recently her musings have been brought to mind again.

And now that I think about it she is damn right.

Ages ago I wrote a post about being happy, where I suggested what provides someone with a good quality of life. I still subscribe to what I wrote here but recently I've come to the conclusion that there are several paths one can take to happiness. Added to this there are actually very ways one can be completely powerless to stop their lives going down a path which ultimately leads to an unhappy existence.

There are obvious factors which contribute to one's happiness, many of which I've suggested before; career, love, friends etc. However I think what I am trying to elaborate on here is the sheer scope of things that can be found within these fields.
I suppose this has come to mind for me given events of the last few months and the recent revelations and promises I've made myself for 2010. (by the way are we saying two-thousand-and-ten or twenty-ten)

Whilst I had this revelation moment it dawned on me that ultimately we are all looking to make ourselves happy through various methods and if there is something about you or your life which makes you unhappy then you should change it. Further to this there is no point what so ever in worrying about things you have no control over.

Sounds simple no? Well that's probably because it is.

Looking back at it the times I've been unhappy it's either been because I've not being doing a job I like (I'm thinking specifically of my o2 job) or because I've been worrying or dwelling over something I had no power over (I have subsequently learnt that you have to let people live their own lives and no-matter how hard you try you can't make someone love you - and even if you could it would be pointless as you need to be with someone who wants to be with you).

Therefore my new years resolutions are thus:

Not to worry or dwell on things I have no power over. Life has a way of sorting things out for itself, what will be will be and ultimately we are powerless to stop things. Also if I am doing something which is making me unhappy then I shall change it. This includes work, relationships, health.

Whilst both these things seem rather easy and straightforward I know it will be easier said than done. I mean it must be otherwise everyone in the world would be working in a job they loved and would be in loving relationships. This said though I know it's what will ultimately lead to a satisfying 2010 or 20-10 or however you want to say it.

In short - take control and be selfish. Wish me luck.

Over n Oot,
The End.

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