Sunday, 27 September 2009

No meat and more than 2 veg.

So here is the plan:

I was thinking 'Is it possible to live purely off fruit and veg for one week?

No idea what got me thinking it....possibly the fact I've been eating like a pig for the last couple of weeks.

Anyway starting tomorrow I'm going to try to eat nothing but fruit and veg. This means; no starch, no wheat, no diary (except milk), no meat, nothing.

I'll probably give up after the first day but I think it'll be an interesting lil experiment. I'm going to keep a daily dairy here of it so you can see how I'm doing.

Here goes:


So I woke up around 7am. Kept hitting snooze on my alarm so I didn't have time to source Breakfast. Got to work and went to the lil shop next door. The only fruit n Veg they did was potatoes. As a result of that and being busy I only managed a breakfast of coffee.
The trainee in our office did a lunch run today. I asked him to get me some carrot sticks and one of those three packs of humous from M&S.....he got me three large humous tubs. So I ended up eating carrot sticks and humous for lunch, washed down with a strawberry smoothie.
I didn't eat again until I got home. I dropped into M&S and bought some sun-dried tomatos, a packet of celery and some guacamole dip, had that with a packet of vegetable crisps, with a diet coke.

So I had dinner about an hour ago and I'm pretty hungry. I didn't feel too bad at all during the day though. Wasn't overly hungry. However this evening I am pretty tired and feel a bit drained of energy but that could just be the 11hour day I've just worked.

Gonna have a cup of tea before bed. Will update tomorrow.


I didn't sleep well at all last night. I was very hungry and kept getting stomach cramps. I also drank a lot of coke and tea last night so maybe had too much caffeine.

Anyway when I got to work this morning I found a banana and ate that with a cup of coffee and started to get worried that nothing but fruit would be very bad for energy etc. So I decided to contact my sister as she is a dietician. I asked her if it was a bad idea; she replied:

well that im a registered dietitian (please see that kind of information will cost ya! however, i realise you are family and i offer excellent family and friend discounts!!!!!!!! i love you tooo, ocassionally x

So not much help there.

She did later tell me that I should get some protein otherwise I might be close to passing out by the end of the day.
So lunch was a Strawberry Smoothie and potato salad.
I did have some celery on-set today and some sort of dip provided by catering but not really because I was hungry but more because it was offered to me by our hot Spanish floor-runner.

I got home and had a packet of 'natural' crisps (they are potatoes remember!) and some Humous dip.

I also had a couple of beers, coz I can drink what I like. God I love Fraoch!


I died.

The End.


  1. you've been eating your diary? the equivalent of literally eating your words...

  2. This is kind of like the project where I ate nothing but butter for a solid week. I gained 23Kg but spent virtually nothing on bog roll.