Thursday, 20 August 2009

Does it frighten you that we'll all end up as dust?


Yo dude!


That my friends is how they speak in the ghetto.

Not sure where I was going with that....

Anyway. Recently I've been made aware of a very good friend of mine's plight through India. This friend has spent the last wee while volunteering at an orphanage in Southern India. It is home to many children who have become orphans for various reasons. Some have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, some have even lost their parents as they have become alcoholics and are no longer fit to look after their offspring.

Anyway this wholly selfless act of spending 24/7 at an orphanage doing what they can to look after these children has lead me to question the things I do with my life. And in a sense how little I do to contribute to the world.

When I look at it I work in an industry that is so self-loving it's not even funny. A majority of the people I have come across are so self-obsessed and in their own little world it makes me feel guilty. When you think of the job we do in the grand-scheme of things it pales into huge insignificance compared to the hard work that goes into the work that goes on in a rural orphanage in India or somewhere equally poverty stricken.

So where is my point?

I dunno....


Well I suppose in some ways I'm trying to suggest that we are only inhabiting this world in our current form for what, in the grand scheme of things, is a very short time. We get one shot to shape the character we are and the people we want to be seen as. We get one shot at 'making a difference' (I hate that's so wanky). So I have been inspired to do whatever I can to try and make the world I live in a better place, however little that contribution is.
And it's not because I want to clear my conscious or come across as 'a nice person'.
I want to help because....I can.

Anyway.....this is probably the most preachy nonsense most of you have ever heard me spout. It's probably the most preachy nonsense I have ever written, but fuck it, I believe in it. And like I have said least I have the presence of mind to know when I am being preachy/wanky/a twat/an areshol.

This isn't an advert or anything like that, but should you be interested in who/what I am sponsoring you can find out more information here:

I'm proud of my friend.

I promise the next entry will at least attempt to be more fun/funny/less wanky.

Over n Oot.

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