Friday, 17 July 2009

Reasons to be cheerful.

So after spending the last posts moaning about being unemployed something strange has happened.

I've got interviews, yup that's plural....I even turned down a third interview today!

No idea how I got so lucky - it's good to see what effort I have been putting into job hunting hasn't been wasted though. One interview arose from finding an advert online (something pretty hard to do for television based jobs), the other came from me just calling up a company I found out were making a film and just asking them if I can work on it. It's funny how easy it is sometimes when you just have a little gumption and force yourself on fact I think I might force myself on people a little bit more in future....and I don't care if that sounds creepy.

I'm starting to see a bit of a clear path for the future now. Glasgow is a calling. I hope.
Granted I might not get either of the jobs I went for today but I'm using the fact that I got the interviews as a positive. Drawing hope from small victories. All this aside though, Glasgow is where the heart is (sorry Edinburgh).

These feelings were cemented all to clearly by today's exploits. Got off the train at Central Station....walking to Pacific Quay a homeless man comes up to me and we get some banter about the poor weather, he asks me where I was off to and wished me luck with my interviews - how frigging awesome is that!
Later on after both said interviews (conducted by people who have a lot less 'superior than you' attitudes I tended to find in interviewers in London) I headed back to Glasgow Uni. Whilst pottering around the QMU I bumped into a mate I hadn't seen in years. Almost instantly myself a 'Fross' had grabbed a table at Jinty McGintys in Ashton Lane and were gabbering away, talking about jobs and bitchin about women.
Later on walking to get a tube to Central Station I bumped into an old flat-mate of 4 years (who was looking sexy as hell), we then again proceded to grab a drink (which he paid for) and chat as if we'd never parted.

It's small simple things like this which may not sound great but I fucking love it.
From going to a place like London where people are rushing and ignoring one another and are so closed off to everyone around them to then go to a city like Glasgow where there seems to be a friendly face round every corner - who wouldn't want to live here?

As for the two interviews - I think they both went pretty well.
Hypothetically if I was to get offered them both it would be a bloody hard decision. One is a production runner on a film with a big Hollywood name in it, the other is working for a big scottish broadcaster which would provide a longer, and probably better paid position.

But I wont get ahead of myself, I may not get either. But one thing is for sure....I miss living in Glasgow.

It's raining heavily outside and I don't care.

Over n oot.

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