Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Dear Jeremy Kyle, you're the only one that understands....

Ever since I was 16 I've had a job. I even got that job before I turned 16. It was working in Tesco that had recently opened down the road from my house. It was working in the in-store bakery - and it was fucking awesome. I used to love the power I had - I could reduce the doughnuts and slice the bread....

....anyway this has gone off topic. My point is until now I have never been unemployed. And I don't like it. A lot of weird stuff happens when you become unemployed. You stop caring about your appearance, you become so lazy that I even considered taking the car on what would be a 10min walk yesterday and obviously there is the constant concern about money.

I suppose I should just "man-up". This is only my 3rd week of unemployment and some people in TV go for months without working. But it gets sooo discouraging after you've spent the best part of a day sending emails to production companies doing the bull-shit of selling yourself only to get a "we'll keep your details on file" email back - thats if you get one back at all.

Having worked for a TV company I know most emails asking for work get put in the special filing cabinet that looks like a trash can. Yet you do it in the hope that someone at a production company is sitting by their computer waiting to hear from an unkempt, slightly overweight production runner who is looking for might happen!

I suppose it's the nature of the TV/Film industry. People have to scrounge for work all the time. The most frustrating thing is the lack of open-ness in the industry. Jobs, on the whole, do not get advertised primarily down to time and money. As a result it becomes not what you know but who you know. This in turn means the industry is very clique and near impossible to penetrate unless you know someone who works at a reasonably high level.

However I shall not give up. I have a good c.v, fuck that, an excellent c.v. I just need to keep ramming it down people's throats. That said I need to find something to do during the days - there is only so many bull-shit emails one man can send in one day.

I do have a few applications submitted so please wish me luck.

Oh, just got an email through.....I'm about to read it but I'd put a lot of my already fast disappearing money on it containing the words: "unfortunately" and "keep on file".


Over n Oot.

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