Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Thinking About Tomorrow....

Ok so I'm back.

Like properly back.

Like back home - where it all between Edinburgh and Glasgow - when friends will allow me to crash on their couch until I can find permanent residence.

But before I can find permanent residence I kinda need to find some sort of (semi) permanent work.

This is a problem in itself as regular work in television isn't easy to come by. In fact if you work on a production it is pretty much unheard of. But, you know, I'll see what I kind find.

I go between different emotions and feelings at the moment. First off I am VERY pleased to be back and back permanently this time. It was such a good feeling walking down Princess Street on Tuesday on my way to meet my mates in St Andrews Square on a lovely summer day and walking adjacent to Edinburgh castle (see attached video for a reconstruction)- you can't buy those moments - well you could for the cost of a plane ticket or the £50 in diesel it cost me to drive back!
However from those feelings of happiness being back in familiar, friendlier surroundings I tend to go to a "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU'RE UNEMPLOYED - FIND WORK AHHHHHH!!!!!" feelings.

My original plan was to take a few weeks off doing nothing much at all, not even looking for work. I had a romantic idea of school holidays in my head where me and my friends would hang out in D'Mains park and play footy and then heading to Glasgow to drink in Kelvingrove park, hiding our tins of lager from the police as they stroll by. Of course most of my friends have jobs etc so there is a danger that if I stick to my current plans the only friends I'll be hanging out with during the day are Jeremy Kyle and Trishia - and that would be awful, I fell out with Jeremy when I failed my paternity test....

So now I have itchy feet and started to wonder why I was planning on hanging around doing nothing. My problem is that I am easily bored. So I reckon I'll try to find work sooner rather than later now. Even if it is shitty bar work in Edinburgh in the mean-time just to keep me busy and not eat into the cash I have been lucky enough to save whilst working on Secret Diary.

That said I've only been back for 2 days now so I'll leave the job hunting and script writing till next week - time to relax. However once I have relaxed - IT'S ON!!!!

There is still a chance I might pack my bags and travel somewhere nice like Australia - however I'm not sure if it's for me - I'm not very good round people I don't know - I tend to crawl into a ball and cry when someone I don't know strikes up a conversation with me.

All else aside I do feel like this is a new start, and I instantly felt happier when I crossed the border back home - it was a sign that this was the right choice - London seems year away.

As for next week - it's time to start planning for the future....I was only young once and now I'm middle aged I need to settle down - well at least start working somewhere anyway!

Over n Oot.

P.S. - I hope people are appreciating the new up-beat tone!
P.P.S - I am writing this from Offshore Cafe in Glasgow - how cool is that!!!

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  1. Hey Mate,

    Glad to see/hear you sounding better than your "I'm stuck in London I hate it" posts. Good luck with relaxing and job hunting in equal measures. I'm jealous there are times when I'd rather be North of the boarder and my family haven't been truly Scottish for many generations!

    It's an interesting time out there at the moment. Karen's being made redundant from the Royal Academy of Music at the end of July and Adam and I are still working our butts of to make Name In A Hat work/pay for itself.

    All the best mate

    little Mark from NASTA/Nexus