Monday, 1 June 2009

Dear London, it's not you, it's me.

Man preaching at Speaker's corner, Hyde Park

Ok, so it's been pointed out by pretty much everyone who has read this blog that I appear to be a depressing and near suicidal recluse.

I should maybe point out - that I am not depressing nor nowhere near suicidal (though part of my life plan is to die at the age of 53 in a hotel room with two hookers and loads of cocaine so that could be classed as planning my death in some way.)

Thanks for your concern though and as it's sunny outside and we are approaching summer I thought I should at long last not only update my blog but also in a shocking move that is completely out of character, write something that isn't depressing. Even more amazing is I'm going to focus on what I actually like about here goes:

Borough Market:
This is without doubt my favourite place in London. It's a massive food market and although it
can get really busy it's always full of amazing stalls and free samples. What's even better is that you can buy some nice finger food then go down to the South Bank and eat AND there is an awesome beer and ale stall where they do wicked drinks. I once spent £100 in one afternoon making what I called the Borough Market pizza which consisted of really good ingredients including clams, mozzarella, prawns was not money wasted! I remember one day going there on a Sunny Saturday with Nicky, James, Shona and Rory - awesome banter - especially the sausage rolls we had at the start - mmmm.
If you haven't been to Borough Market I recommend you go!

Clifford Park:
I only went here for the first time on the Saturday just passed and it isn't anything specificallysummer's day with activity to go to their nearest park with some beers, some music and most importantly some friends and just relax and forget about work. I enjoyed Saturday - it was nice!

Speaker's Corner:
Speaker's Corner is an area in Hyde Park where every Sunday morning people gather to preach, lecture or just vent their spleens on any topic they want. The result is a diverse range of orators some spouting worthwhile lessons on life, some preaching hatred of other races and cultures, others just talking jibberish. Whatever you think of the people talking though I like this place as it is a testament to the fact that we are lucky enough to live in a country where people are allowed to take a stance against anything they like whether it be political, religious or sexual movements (I once saw one guy give a talk on how men should be allowed to rape glamour models - I wasn't utterly convinced but found it amusing all the same). I'd suggest going along there just once and take a morning listening to what some people have to say on the state of our world - even if what they're saying isn't something you agree with you have to admire them for having the balls to say it....

So I guess there are some things in London which I will miss.

On top of these places I will miss, already miss in fact, drinking with the Tiger Aspect crew after work. I remember hitting the Brick Layer's arms on a regular basis getting boozed up on cheap beer then falling asleep on the bus home - if I were lucky enough it would be the right bus, on most occasions though it wasn't!
On this note Dom and Rachael asked me to give them a name check in my blog so here it goes....

Dominic Martin
Rachael Ellis.

It was fun hanging out with folks you can bitch about work with - it doesn't happen so much when you're on production.

On a final note I am looking forward to the summer, it's my favourite time of the year. Not only is my birthday in the summer but it's the time of the year which is rife with Bar-B-Qs, outside drinking, holidays, festivals etc.
More than anything I am looking forward to returning home - I've missed it, London doesn't hold a torch to Scotland.

Over n Oot.

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