Saturday, 9 May 2009

Tell me why I don't like London?

So it's Saturday and it's my last day off (my first 2 days off in a row for agggeesss!) and I just came back from Wood Green High Street which in comparison to London is a very small high street but it was so busy and loud and cramped it was depressing.

At one point some kid came up to me and said "Oi! You got any fags?" to which I (reasonably) politely replied "No". The young cunt then decided he could swear at me and call me a poofter (on another note I haven't heard someone use that phrase in ages). I challenged him and almost instantly 5 other little cunts surrounded me in what can only be described as an aggressive fashion. Luckily it was busy enough for me to slip away without any more trouble but I felt so angry.....because I didn't have a cigarette to give this little scrotum he was justified in calling me names.

Now don't get me wrong - this type of stuff probably happens on most high streets round Britain but what was very London about it was the two guys who were caught in the middle who instead of helping or at the very least sticking around to make sure I wasn't attacked. Instead they moved away from the kids as quickly as they could with their heads hanging low.

Now there are a lot of reasons for me not being a big fan of this cest-pit of a city but I think above all else is the lack spirit that occurs. In Glasgow if something simil carridge ar were to happen I'm pretty sure 9 out of 10 times someone would hang around and help someone who was in potential trouble. In this city you keep your head down and look after number 1, it's so depressing.

There is this thing that is in-built in London citizens to look after yourself, focus on what you're doing and don't interfere. If you go on the tube they can be absolutely packed but very quiet. Nobody talks to strangers, whereas on a Glasgow tube if someone speaks to you, you speak back - it's the Glasgow banter.
I think it's the same reason why Londoners don't appreciate the gentle ribbing banter which is common in Glasgow. If you were to gently mock someone (even if you know them) they take it as an insult as you in a way are entering their personal space. It's so bizarre but it's also the reason why I enjoy using it so much - I have started to love winding up up-tight Londoners....

Now I can live with the over-crowding, business and pollution this city has to offer but it's the closed-off nature of the citizens which I think drags me down the most. Worse than anything else though - I find myself fighting to not become one of them. I feel really guilty now when I ignore someone and try every day to be more of the person I wish your typical Londoner was but there is something about the place which makes people more inclined to close them selves off.

Not sure what the purpose of this post is - I suppose I just miss Scotland and the people that live there - I can't wait to move back....sooner hopefully than later.

Stay tuned - next week I'll be writing about the value of friendship.

Till then,

Over n Oot.


  1. I bumped into your post because I'm feeling depressed today about living in London and I was looking for someone that feels the same thing about that.
    I'm from Argentina and I couldn't agree more with you.
    Hopefully we will moved out of here soon

  2. Stumbled across this as I am feeling exactly the same! From Aberdeen but lived in Edinburgh for the past 8 years and due to the job market we moved to London for work. Had I known I would be commuting 90 minutes each way with the most miserable, rude, obnoxious people I have ever had the misfortune to share my personal space with, I don't think i would have bothered.

    Unfortunately the boyfriend is from down here and doesn't want to move back to the motherland. I, on the other hand, am itching to get out of this awful place and am even considering moving back without him.

    How can one place be so depressing!? Are we just not "doing London" properly!? When people say they love London....what exactly do they love about it!?

  3. The London dream. You have to be asleep to believe it. I live in a small town in the north of England and spend time over in Dublin, and in both these places young people dream of going to this city to make something of their lives. They return battered and bruised with a London attitude.

    I don't know what it is that makes Londoners so obnoxious. Maybe it's because they can't get laid. Sorry to hear about the situation with the little brat. The arsehole deserved a kick in the teeth, and so did the people who didn't bother to help you.

    The only way of dealing with it is to remain positive, high energy and like you say give them some banter. I find starting conversations with strangers helpful. Some of the older folk are good for that.

    I feel the same way as you and can't wait to leave. In a year and a half I've only made a handful of friends in London compared to the many I have back at home. On a positive note, I did meet my girlfriend here. And she's foreign.

    London. Cold, lonely, over-hyped, over-priced and under-sexed.

  4. On a whim I moved here 6 months ago, thinking the world was my oyster. (Or at least London.....) I had dreams of 'popping' down to the array of markets that I've seen on tv so many times on a Saturday morning, maybe sitting in a beautiful cafe staring at the rich variety of people.

    The REAL experience I've had couldn't be further from the truth...this place has made me so depressed, I (usually the friendly sort, loves to meet new people) can't even be bothered to leave my house. (Which is horridly expensive and TOO quiet...)

    I had so many plans for the place, and so many reasons to come here, the usual things, like bettering myself salary-wise, meeting people and being myself away from the glare of anyone who knew me (fresh start) and generally enjoying London. So many people seem to love the place, and when I say how I feel to anyone living here they think I've just not given it a chance. Fair point you may say, but how can somewhere so unfriendly and lonely make you anything other than depressed?!

    I'm seriously considering moving back up North, in the next couple of months. I just don't get it......if anyone else is feeling the same please do let me know!!

    Plus...someone's just been stabbed outside my house tonight...dire.

  5. I through I was the only one who don't like London. I'm French and i've move in London since 7months allready. And I try to love this city like everybody look like. But I seriously don't. I really want to move back in France but I've promise to the family where i am that I'm gonna stay for a while, so at last until december. The only good thing I've found here is Shopping

  6. ive bumped into this post for the same reasons. I have lived in Ln for almost 3 years. was trying to enjoy it / akin further plans etc. Unfortunately ive got fed up with an altitude, ignorance. opposite sex and job with stupid management. something is seriously wrong here. Could anyone explain why women are so miserable here??? You have to have a millions to live here and then - you would move out anyway.