Monday, 4 May 2009

Secret Diary'd

So as I work it out I'm more than half way through this job, which is scary for many reasons:

1/ I will be finishing (reasonably) soon, which means I need to find more work at some point between now and then, which opens up a whole new kettle of fish i.e. taping up contacts in the way I hate doing.

2/ If I don't find work what then? It's bloody tough at the moment, and this job was handed to me on a plate by my old boss and my job before that I kinda got by accident and minimal fuss. There are people I know in this industry who have a lot more experience than me who are struggling to find work....personally I blame ITV.

3/ I had always wanted to move back to Scotland before the end of the year but I didn't want to move without finding work first - what's worse - being unemployed in London or Scotland? Actually I know the answer to that but it's more likely I'll be unemployed for longer in Scotland as all my contacts are London based and I don't really know anyone in the Scottish industry.

Which brings me to my main point - what's more important? Being happy with my career or with my social life?
Granted if I stay in London I could potentially get work constantly enough to live but truth be told I'm not very happy in London.
I don't get to see my friends and family often at all (except the awesome James and Nicky and they're moving back to Scotland soon) so would I like to pursue this career at the expense of being happy? This in turn makes me think can I be happy working in another industry? I always had police officer as a back-up career idea but after my run in with them at Xmas last year I was put right off and now struggle to consider another path.

I had always thought of London as a short term plan but now I'm here doing it everything is not so clear - this isn't work experience - it's work and part of me feels leaving London undoes all the hard work I done over the last year....

Added to all this is another certain relationship problem I'm not going to go into but needless to say would benefit from me being back in Glasgow.....

I think everything would just be easier if BBC Scotland gave me a job developing dramas for them. That would be nice - my rate is (at least) £375.

I look forward to hearing from you and coming into the Quay for a meet and greet over coffee.

Over n Oot.

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